Rebranding an Indigenous tour corporation

Role  Branding designer & hand lettering artist.
Timeframe  6 months
Mandingalbay needed to develop a recognisable brand and promote a unique story that would help their tourism business to grow in a challenging market.

The client needed to develop a brand identity to accomplish these objectives:

  • Establish their entity in the tourism industry
  • Differentiate their brand from the strong regional competition
  • Redesign the logo to be modern, fresh & fun
  • Reposition their brand to attract a younger audience
  • Retain all the ancient and cultural icons in the logo
  • Improve the brand usability and readability
  • Have an icon to be used both for the tour experience brand and also to be used by the ancient aboriginal community
My role

I was hired from a design studio to present a rebranding concept. I brainstormed and presented multiple icons and logotype options based on the client’s brief. Ultimately I collaborated with the design director and the design studio team to finalize the project, and I was responsable to craft the unique lettering used for the final logotype.  

*This is my initial concept and not the final approved logo, in the end the client choose a different icon to be combined with the logotype I crafted.

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator tool iconAdobe inDesign tool iconAdobe Photoshop tool iconAsana tool icon
The previous logo before the redesign
The new redesigned logo
High quality t-shirt design for the brand corporation


Discovery process iconStrategy process iconDesign process iconDelivery process icon


We needed a simple, modern and functional icon that embraced the ancient culture but yet inviting to the tourism industry.
By combining a stylised icon, crafted lettering logotype and earthy color palette, we were able to give proper visibility to the tour corporation.

After researching Djunbunji existing brand, competitors and target, we identified the fundamentals to the Mandingalbay brand experience to guide us through the process.

The look and feel had to be:

  • Unique
  • Traditional
  • Earthy
A representation of the brand values and elements to be included in the logo

Mark exploration

The Mandingalbay mark is composed by combining five icons representing the cultural value and foundations of the native people:

  1. Salt water turtle - Symbol of earth
  2. Freshwater turtle - Symbol of fauna
  3. Cockatoo feather - Symbol of woman
  4. Wait-a-wile (local plant) - Symbol of flora
  5. Scorpion - Symbol of man
A collection of logo design sketches made during the exploration phaseAlternative logos exploration


The Mandingalbay mark has been meticulously constructed based on ellilpses to form a flawless icon.

All the elements blend and support each other to form a clean and unique icon.

A representation of the brand icon construction based on perfect circles and two variants of icon execution

Color palette

Hearty colors are used to support the connection with the nature.

The brand color palette based on earthy tones


To create unique look, I crafted an hand lettering logotype.

The letters have a slight movement (inclination) to communicate a sense of fun and friendliness.

The final full colour logo design for the indigenous tour corporation


A variety of mock-up applications were presented to help the client visualize and get a better feel of the final product.

A preview of the brand identity design, including printed promotional material
The embroidery mockup of the brand icon design for uniform application
A hand drawn map design showing all the hiking trails
Personalized hand drawn map
A mockup of business card design
Business card
A close up mockup of the embroidery patch design
A preview of the tour guide package material, including tag pass and the itinerary booklet, all inside the high finish printing folder
A collection of the branded marketing material designed for the tour corporation
A collection of the branded promotional material designed for the tour corporation shop


After the initial presentation, I worked closely with the design studio team and under the directions of the creative director to build the final branding, design collaterals and the website.

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