Picky Chickpea

Branding a food blogger

Role  Branding designer - from concept to delivery
Timeframe  Nov '20 - Jan '21
Picky Chickpea is the friendly ethical choice, that creates plant-based recipes for healthy minded people, looking for tasty cruelty-free alternatives in an age where change is necessary.

The client needed to develop a brand identity to accomplish these objectives:

  • Naming
  • Build a recognizable brand identity
  • Produce a modern and versatile logo system to fit
    across print and digital applications
  • Generate a social media strategy
My role

I was responsible for the entire Branding process. I presented naming options, defined the brand positioning through brand discovery. Brainstormed and designed multiple logo options, to then present them on real situations mockups to help the client choosing the best option. Finally I guided the client creating a social media strategy.

Tools used
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A digital banner promoting the brand awareness


Discovery process iconStrategy process iconDesign process iconDelivery process icon


In the discovery session, we determined that we would be designing the brand with an earthy & friendly look, keeping it as minimal as possible.

From the internal design exploration, were selected the three best options that meet the brand objective.

Brand discovery and values
A collection of the brand icons exploration

Mark exploration

The conceptualization of the mark was ideated considering earthy elements like seeds, plants, and leaves. Also, we introduced the symbol of a smile to manifest joy and kindness.

A photo of me sketching the brand icon options on the exploration phaseSix brand icons options
3 logo design options presented to the client


The Picky Chickpea mark has been meticulously designed to pixel perfection.

It is meant to resemble an emoji with a chickpea shape, an icon easy to identify and highly recognizable even in the smallest sizes of digital applications.

The base elements of the brand
Pixel perfect logo design construction based on circles

Color palette

As a primary color, we selected a cool olive tone for a peaceful and relaxed perception.

To complement the dark tones, a fresh light grey as the secondary color and as the accent color, a rose gold; used to address the importance and value of details.

Color palette


I used a bold and round serif typeface as a foundation and executed it to be unique.

The bold and round contours of the letters express a fun and welcoming feel. By contrast, the serifs and the swashes between the “Y & K” give the logo a more sophisticated and professional look.

A preview of the final logo design


A variety of mockup applications were presented to help the client visualize and get a better feel of the final product.

At the end of the project, I delighted the client with a Notion database template to keep track of all the brand recipes.

A user persona wearing the branded apron design
Apron design
The Instagram account preview based on the suggested social media strategy
Social media strategy
A preview of the organic tote bag design
Cotton shopping bag
The design of the pin design
A mockup of the product and packaging design for the organic tea
“Client quote.”
Paola Di Ridolfi
Picky chickpea founder

Key results

The Social media strategy was a big success. The brand grow over 1k followers from 0 in just 3 months, with an engagement rate of 19%.

The client shortly returned to ask more help in building a unique blog. 👉 Check out the case study of Picky Chickpea’s website.

Picky Chickpea Instagram Account