Workhuman | Conceptual

A possible solution to empower the workers

Role  UX designer - Concept exploration
Timeframe  12/14 hours
No wonder why they hold many awards as best workplace, their services are just mind-blowing and if they value so much their people as much as their customers, I would love to be part of them too.

Improve the retention rate of the companies best employees, by offering them the opportunity to reach their long term goals through clear communication and comprehensive records.


A product that allows employees to grow inside their company by presenting their goal objectives and visualize their progress.

My role

I am a big believer in the value and solutions that Workhuman brings to both the business and the workers. This is my reflection and exploration of how they can expand their successful products.

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to work with a company that uses their services, but from an employee point of view, being part of a system that empowers your everyday activities in the professional life, is what everyone should be entitled to. Not only to fulfil your day but also to keep you positive through your emotional and mental challenges along with your career.


Since I can not speak for experience and only fantasized about what could be using their product and what are the details of their services, the hypothesis and concept I designed are purely my own exploration.

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The Workhuman Social Recognition product has already shown unbelievable results, but what about the long term goals of the workers?

What if...

  • We could empower, even more, both the company and their employee?
  • The company could keep its best and most valuable people from seeking or moving to another position?
  • We could give a clear path to the employees long term goals?
Microsoft report slide

According to a study report from Microsoft41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer.

Between the many reasons, many are seeking a promotion outside their company. But who could better fit a position better than an insider worker?

A part of those employees is seeking growth in their career path while others might struggle with a career change.
A big portion of workers desires a change for their dream position. See the statistics here

Inside the employees shoes

Imagine somebody working in customer service, unfulfilled with their current position and desiring to break into a different position, perhaps UX research or sales or any other department they might give much more.

Making a career change is not an easy task and it will be extremely frustrating if you don’t see any advancement toward your goal. Ending in a Chicken and Egg situation where your experience doesn’t fit with the position, leaving you with no opportunity nor chance to follow your dream job.

Of course, I am not generalizing and many great companies are already taking action to solve those issues, but not everyone is working for a corporation that empowers their employees.


The problem lays in the communication and keeping a track record of every employee’s goal.

Ultimately, for multiple reasons, many employees may feel discouraged from expressing what they want.

How might the companies better track the employee’s goals? Giving them a clear vision of their current growth path and where they could get.
How might we improve the communication between the employer and the employee seeking career growth?
How might we give the employee clear instructions to accomplish their goal?

Now, not everyone is seeking higher positions, career changes or a bigger wage. And that is fine, hence should be a voluntary service that the employer would choose to apply or not.

The target user

We must take a look at who we are designing the solution for, of course, the employee is our target but let’s not forget the company’s owner/manager.

The employer  

Including owners and managing directors.

  • Improve work performances
  • Avoid wasting time to find the perfect fit for the role
  • Having staff that knows more about the company
  • Getting a clear vision of my staff and their work perspective
Pain points
  • Having my best workers leave for better opportunities
  • Employees interest and performance drop

The employee
  • Career change, different position
  • Career growth
  • Salary increase
Pain points
  • Feel of not being taken into consideration
  • The company doesn’t maintain their promise
  • They don’t see my potential and don’t allow me to show my potential
  • Trapped in a position I don’t want
Paper wireframe sketch concepts of dashboard layout

Ideation & Mockups

Some of the possible features that could be included:

For the employer

Generic overview

  • A database of position requests and wishlist of their workers
  • The possibility to accept, reject or amend the request
  • The option to delegate a team member or a department manager to assess, monitor and mentor the issuer

Detailed overview of the single application

  • End goal detail and expectations
  • Duties and tasks to fulfil the end goal
  • Milestones recognised
  • Dashboard overview linked to the social recognition

For the employee


  • Explanatory onboarding
  • Opt-in opt-out or maybe later
  • Pre-filled options to help make a decision
  • Details about their goals, the department involved and relevant to their objective
  • Send the request for approval


  • Overview of tasks and duties
  • Possibility to choose and give your availability to enrol in tasks when you feel ready (for example leading a team, or taking or participating in a project outside your capacity)
  • Review the goals
  • A dashboard of your achievement and process toward the goal
Service onboarding design on Whorkhuman dashboard
Onboarding prompt

From the current Workhuman platform you will be shown a pop up prompt inviting you to the new Above & Beyond program.

Overview design

All you need to know before applying and the details of the program.

You will also have the possibility to read articles & case studies about people succeeding by using Above & Beyond

Form submission design

You will fill out a brief questionnaire about your goal, expectation and outcome for the long term.

This will be assessed by your manager or owner that will then proceed to schedule a meeting to discuss your options and opportunity.

Having to write in your own time will be less intimidating than asking for a meeting and will allow expressing your true self.

The employee dashboard

Workhuman concept dashboard UI design
UX Dashboard features


It was fun exploring a possible service to be implemented into the magnific Whorkhuman platform, however much work will be needed before making an MVP.

Jotting down ideas it’s easy, validating them requires much more, starting from the research.Is this something that could appeal to Whorkhuman’s users? What about the companies?There are so many arguments to take into consideration.

Ultimately, if the idea would pass the business evaluation, we should be considering testing the product with real users and iterate on it.